"Tuck helped expand my possibilities of how I can exist in polyamorous relationships. As someone who is new to polyamory, I didn't just want to copy what other people are doing, but I want to find my authentic truth. Also, I was very intimidated by butt play before our butt play class, and now I feel more confident to explore that"

“For years, I’ve experienced tremendous shame and confusion around my sexuality and gender identity. In our sessions, Tuck created a safe and affirming place to begin moving from shame to euphoria. I carry that place within me now, and I am excited for what will grow there in the months and years to come! Thank you, Tuck!” -Theo he/they

“Tuck's work has directly contributed to my healing and reclaiming ny sexuality, as well as coming to understand and embrace my gender identity. Their joy and gentleness has helped me move past shame and into my own joy and pleasure.” -Drea (they/she)

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What is IntraSensuality?

The foundation of my sex education business is the practice of returning to our bodies.

I believe in education that centers our senses, and I mean this in the broadest sense (haha, puns!). IntraSensuality is a theory of coming into our bodies to find healing, pleasure, and joy. In my classes you’ll explore the connection between your five senses and gender identity, kink, BDSM, relationships, and sexual energy. Intrasensuality is to go within, feel, sense, and honor the truth of our bodies.

My goal as an educator is to reduce sexual, body, and relational shame for all individuals and as a society.

I believe that investigating sensual, sexual and relational dynamics in our own bodies and between one another is one pathway that can be utilized to understand and destabilize structural and interpersonal oppression.

I work to help others (and myself) invest in pleasure, connectedness and sexual liberation on their terms.